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Adder's Fork

Adder's Fork

Performance Times

3pm, Sunday
Solar Stage


Adder’s Fork is a folk quartet who like to play a fusion of music that is both Celtic and modern. They skilfully blend the sweet tones of cello, guitar, keyboard, recorder, clarinet, bodhran and vocals while playing traditional melodies from Britain and Ireland, as well as their own originals.

Members are Bonnie Mackinnon, Isabel Palethorpe, Nori Saito and Lucy-Rose Steggles.

If you’re wondering about their name – Adder’s Fork – it’s one of the ingredients in the brew of the three witches, in a scene from “Macbeth” by Shakespeare. But these Adders aren’t poisonous at all! When they’re not playing music, they’re sitting down together to enjoy afternoon tea and cake.