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Jim Jarvis & Alan Meadows

Jim Jarvis & Alan Meadows

Performance Times

2pm, Sunday

5pm, Sunday
Surf Club


Veteran acoustic music performers became prominent in the Sydney folk scene of the early seventies. They have a history in bands like The East Neasdon Spasm band, Rent Party, Duck Soup, The Other Brothers, The Sweaty Palms Orchestra, The Hokum-on-Somble good time band and Three Left Feet.

Jim Jarvis, from the Blue Mountains a solo performer has “a distinctive, haunting voice, a polish and finesses characteristic of a fine, traditional and world class blues musician”.

Alan Meadows plays his unique mandolin, harmonica and guitar styles in various line-ups around Hobart. Together they are the- must be heard Dynamic Duo.

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Good time Music - Blues and Jug.