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Orlando Agostino

Orlando Agostino

Performance Times

9pm, Saturday
Tantric Turtle Stage


Orlando Agostino hails from Sydney, Australia where he began his music career at age 16. He was an Original member of Greg Quill's Country Radio whose band was seminal to other bands that came after eg. The Dingoes. He was heavily influenced by acoustic pickers such as John Martyn and Burt Jansch .

Orlando's preferred instrument is the guitar, however, he has a love for all stringed instruments and can be seen playing mandolin, banjo and slide guitar.

A talented musician in his own right, Orlando has always been content to be the sideman for people who write and perform their own music. Orlando migrated to Western Canada in 2010 and in 2013 met up with Craig Moreau whose albums have received recognition in Canada and Australia. Orlando is now living back in Australia.