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The Ramalamas

The Ramalamas

Performance Times

6pm, Saturday

10.45pm, Saturday
Beach Club


The Ramalamas are a five piece Sydney band lead by songwriter and front-man Chris Nielsen. The line-up is rounded out with Scott Armstrong (drums), Matthias Engesser (bass), Paul Leadbetter (keys) and Peter Kirwan (pedal steel).

For more than a decade the Ramalamas have been playing a diverse brand of original rock’n’roll informed by 60’s pop and country rock. Our melodic songs belie a trusted set of influences – Neil Young, the Faces, the Stones which translate to good-time organic live shows.

Their third album, “East Coast Low” was released on Nic Dalton’s Half a Cow label in July 2016.

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Sample Song: Headlights


"My fave live local band." - Nic Dalton

" Think The Band, The Rolling Stones and Dylan holding the corner of a dusty juke joint." - Post to wire

"Here is a story that Eric Clapton went over to visit The Band at some point in order to consider joining or recording with them. Imagine if the Faces had made that same journey instead and got down to recording over a beer or two and you have a pretty good encapsulation of what The Ramalamas are about." - Americana UK