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Rosco Brain

Roscoe Brain
Performance Times

12pm, Sunday

3pm, Sunday


Coining the term ‘FLOP’ (Folk-Loopy pop, ‘loopy’ – as in ‘mad’, Not loop-pedalling!), Rosco Brain has been a shadowy figure in the Manly and Northern Beaches music scene for a number of years.

Generally making other musos laugh at his mad antics and awful jokes, or playing wee-hour dirt-folk, when everyone else is too tired to play anymore. He has occasionally utilised available microphones for guest vocals, or squeezed in single songs between sets (amongst the likes of Aaron Huston, Jeff Stanley and Mark Budd), and has been asked by some, for a, ‘sticky-beak’ at his song-book.

Though often playing songs about love and heartbreak, he’ll sing about anything from magical lands to a much used old tent.