Northern Beaches Music Festival Heading

Strange Love

Performance Times

2.45pm, Sunday
Main Auditorium

4pm, Sunday


Unique vocal & instrumental arrangements of swing, funk & pop covers including original compositions. Interspersed with Joropos, Cumbias from the Latin harp repertoire of Venezuela & Mexico. Their CD will be released early in 2019.

Strange love indeed, to find an Irish-born, classically-trained harpist, Cliona Molins, deeply engrossed in the music of Latin America, in particular Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil & Portugal. Cliona plays the lighter-weight para-celtic harp in common use in Latin music & is taking it to the streets!

Her passion attracted singer & ukulele player WendyTwibill, who was fascinated by the 4-string quattro & vihuela instruments & their new rhythmic landscapes. Wendy also convenes community & professional choirs in her local area, the Northern Beaches.
Bassist & vocalist pierre luniere adds the third voice to a luscious harmony block & clearly relishes the groove potential inherent in the Latin repertoire, coming from a background of Soul, RnB & funk – he can't stand still in performance!
Let's be clear, this is not a Latin cover band. Strangelove's repertoire ranges from pop covers and original compositions from all players, to the familiar standards of the Latin lexicon!

Listen to these audio samples and watch these video clips.