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Stu Tyrrell

Stu Tyrrell

Performance Times

1pm, Saturday
Solar Stage

5pm, Saturday
Tantric Turtle Stage


Stu Tyrrell is a folk singer-songwriter from Sydney. Stu’s debut EP “Celtic Roots” features traditional English and Celtic Folk songs re-imagined into stomping, roots infused arrangements. Stu’s originals showcase social justice themes touching on experiences of love, loss, depression and triumph.

Stu’s concerts feature original compositions interwoven with Celtic Roots arrangements and Acoustic Metal covers. The contrasting light and shade, blending traditional and modern material, creates a unique aural tapestry and concert experience.

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Notable achievements/media grabs:

Stu toured Australia and New Zealand as backing band bass player for the Paul Dianno/Blaze Bayley (Ex. Iron Maiden) 2012 dual headline tour promoted by Hardline Media.

Stu has performed as a solo artist at Eastwood’s “Granny Smith Festival” in 2014 and 2015. Named in honour of the apple, the festival has grown over the years and now celebrates the cultural diversity of the Ryde area with over 80,000 visitors to the festival each year.

Stu performed as a solo artist at the Australian Celtic Festival 2015, playing original songs and traditional English and Celtic folk interpretations. Stu wowed the audience by performing a traditional Welsh folk song in the Welsh language, which he learnt specially for the 2015 festival "Celebrating Wales."

Stu was invited back to perform as a solo artist at the Australian Celtic Festival 2016, “Celebrating the Isle of Man.” Stu debuted tracks from his “Celtic Roots” studio recording at the festival, including a traditional Manx air sung in Manx Gaelic and a guest appearance on stage from Irish Joe Lynch introducing Stu with an excerpt from Robbie Burns' "Tam o' Shanter."