Northern Beaches Music Festival Heading


Performance Times

8pm, Friday
Sunk Bar

7pm, Saturday
Sunk Bar


Sydney-based Watchglass is in the midst of creating a new, unique sonic landscape. Armed with diverse musical influences their songwriting team is honing well-crafted songs that bridge the gap between folk and pop while throwing in a funky-jazzy twist.

Whether live or recorded, the ethereal and personal vocals will take you on an emotional journey while still retaining an element of fun and soulfulness. Creative and chiming acoustic guitar and a solid rhythm section round out the sound.

Watchglass can be found on Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook. Seek them out and enjoy the experience.


"This is far and away my favourite album of 2018. Nothing has come close. I discover all kinds of music in a 12 month period - old; new; iconic; obscure. It’s very rare that an album or song from a stated year will top my list. This album is rare, indeed. Falling just under 30 minutes in length, its 11 tracks are concise, largely unadorned and, ultimately, pop songs expertly crafted, played live by a well-drilled band, with an occasional (tiny) overdubbed solo or double-tracked vocal, but the results are a full bloom of colour, an old but lovingly maintained fibro house well off the road, down a long driveway full of greenery, and contained inside its walls, a museum of knick-knacks - a collection of momentos, like ornamental spoons from around the globe; matchbooks from forgotten pubs - like stamps in an old passport." - Ben Fogarty