Northern Beaches Music Festival Heading

2020 Festival Postponed

Paul Robertson

Hello friends,

As everyone is aware, the Coronavirus has invaded our world . . . confusion reigns supreme!

And you no doubt heard on the news last night that:

“The Prime Minister and state and territory leaders want all non-essential gatherings of more than 500 people to be suspended from Monday amid fears about the spread of coronavirus.”

As responsible event organisers we cannot ignore the risk of mass gatherings aiding the spread of this virus so we have little choice but to postpone our festival- we have no idea for how long!

But, we do have a positive outlook and hope for a “better day”. Speaking of which we are already thinking outside the square!

Over the next few days we intend to explore the possibility of ‘live video streaming’ and ‘live radio transmission’ of one stage with a limited audience; (c50?) on Saturday 2nd May only.

It is definitely feasible and well worth exploring - keep an eye on the web site for future developments!

Bugger the virus . . . fun will be had even if you stay at home!

We hope that everyone involved in our festival understands and accepts this strange outcome. Thank you for your support and involvement!

Regards and stay well!

Paul Robertson (Executive Producer)