Northern Beaches Music Festival Heading


Paul RobertsonThe idyllic surrounds of Narrabeen Lakes merge delightfully with the aroma of multi-cultural foods and the sweet sounds of music and children laughing. Northern Beaches Music Festival welcomes you to the joyous and harmonious bringing together of culture, music, dance, food, customs and fun!

As you wonder from stage to stage, you will be spoilt for choice by the plethora of local and international talent from all music genres. Variety is the flavour of the day, from a Nepalese curry to a Serbian wrap, from exotic clothes to that extraordinary hat, from a funky blues band to youthful pop, from face painting to circus acts, every turn will stimulate and exquisitely indulge all the senses. Families on the grass, kiddies in the park, lights in the dark, banjos, guitars, trumpets and violins, drums and base, music from all over the place, the music festival will have you singing and dancing, swinging and swaying and staying all night long. So kick off your heals, let down your hair, sip on some wine and forget all your cares. Bring family and friends, they’re all welcome here, by far the best event of the year.

The Northern Beaches Music Festival is an annual not-for-profit community based music festival that has been successfully operating for the last nine years. It has been created and operated through the amalgamation of four not-for-profit music and folk clubs on the northern beaches: The Shack, Fairlight Folk, Humph Hall and The Fig. The common aim for the festival is to provide the infrastructure and opportunities for musicians and other performing artists to play to an appreciative audience.  We are all about supporting live music!

The benefit to community through our festival is multi- faceted as it connects, involves and includes local musicians including young up and coming artists, national and international performing artists, community groups such as surf clubs, disability groups, local schools, TAFE and their students, Rotary, indigenous and other multi-cultural groups. We celebrate the richness of multi- cultural food, music, dance and customs, creating an opportunity to unite and bring together our whole community in a positive, fun, cross-generational and creative way. 

The Festival's funding method is fundraising, grants, sponsorship and ticketing.  We are grateful to the Northern Beaches Council for assisting us with a community event grant.

Paul Robertson (Executive Producer)