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Anousha Victoire

Peter Vadiveloo
Performance Times

7.30pm, Saturday


Anousha Victoire is a weaver of everyday dreams, stitching together folk/world influenced melodies with bell-over-water clarity of vocal tone. The introspective singer-songwriter blends delicate ideas with a heart-aching immediacy, emotions amplified by her talented string playing band members.

Her songs span a range of sounds including her trademark fingerpicking folk guitar, thought-provoking lyrics and haunting vocal melodies, with glimpses of country and latin influences in amongst folk storytelling songs that could be timeless classics. After two early career ABC Music Awards for Folk and World music, and early roots in protest songs with social justice themes, she went on to build a strong local following in Newcastle, and had songs gain indie and ABC radio airplay, with more recent album Precious Things (2020) receiving Double J and indie radio airplay, notably with the single 'I'd Rather Be Your Lover (than your wife)'. New EP 'Embers of the Night' is due for release in 2023, featuring collaboration with producer Gareth Hudson to create songs that are at once timeless and fresh, folk and contemporary.

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"She steps into a soft spot, she breathes, and lets loose with the most ethereal of voices" - the Brag

"After dropping a string of brilliant EPs in the noughties – Off My Skin, Anousha Victoire Live, and Icarus – Anousha Victoire made a stellar return in 2020 with a string of jaw dropping singles.
From the sweetly lilting folk of Precious Things To Me and the upbeat Rather Be Your Lover (Than Your Wife) to the haunting and ethereal La Sorcière 2020 proved to be prolific for the songwriter who is gearing up to release her first album in more than a decade. A true musical adventurist, Anousha’s work traverses folk, country, and world music influences with ease while her trademark fingerpicking guitar style and gorgeous vocal tone provide the icing on a very listenable cake." - Newcastle Live