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Ingrid Mae

Peter Vadiveloo
Performance Times

1.15pm, Sunday

6pm, Sunday


Ingrid Mae is an artist known for her bold country sound. Inspired by the performers who pioneered rock yet with the swag and sensibilities of blues and soul, her music is heartfelt and raw. Where most country pop singers shy away, Ingrid gives her notes a bluesy bend. Musically it’s authentic and refreshing with a retro rock edge and a big dynamic range.

It is this rebel-like behaviour that sets the scene for her latest album Holy Smoke. Set somewhere in a world where Dolly Parton meets Melissa Etheridge this record traverses a mixed landscape of heart-felt ballads, western crooners and country anthems.

“I’m a live performer at heart”, says Ingrid “I love the energy and connection you build with a small crowd.” This energy certainly comes through in Holy Smoke, and with good reason. Even before stepping foot into the studio these songs were put through the live audience wringer.
Soon after the release of her two singles in late 2017; Did you Miss Me and As the Crow Flies, Ingrid hit the road with her band and spent much of 2018 playing small pubs and regional festivals. Embraced by her fans and community radio, As the Crow Flies was selected as a top 5 finalist for “single of the year”, in the ICMA (Indie Country Music Australia) 2018 awards.

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"Holy Smoke is an album that will grab you when you least expect it. A strong signature vocal and a cracking band, it’s easy to see why Ingrid Mae continues to build her warm and quirky reputation.​​​​"​