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Little Coyote

Little Coyote

Performance Times

7pm, Friday

10pm, Friday
Beach Club


Little Coyote has been influenced by the many musicians of the past, and will continue to be influenced by the many musicians of the future, but some of the more prominent ones include: The Black Keys | The Red Hot Chili Peppers | Incubus | Tame Impala | Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros | The White Stripes | Cold War Kids | Queens of the Stone Age. Little Coyote is pulsating bass lines and melodic grooves. It’s thundering drum beats and fabled stories. It’s an expression that can invoke the spirits or heal the sick. It’s all of these things and none of them simultaneously.

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Sample Songs


[Little Coyote’s debut EP Howl has] "a healthy dose of rock that has just about the perfect amount of attitude" - Ted Rogan, (The Equal Ground)

"Their debut music video [for Neverending] as “exactly like The Wizard of Oz only with more tattoos, face-paint and weird hats" - Write.Click.Cook.Listen

“The opening drumbeats lead into both soaring guitar play and the distinctive vocals of Judd English. The 'alt rock' swagger is notable as 'Neverending' builds into a fine rock number.” - Beehive Candy

“Their new song, “Neverending”, is the lead track on the band’s second EP scheduled for release early this year. Its slinky bass line will add some swagger to your step..but, so will everything else about this song. “ - East of 8th blog

“Vocalist Judd English has got such a compelling voice, and he’s supported beautifully by drummer Anto Dinh, bassist Gareth Bussey, and guitarist Matt Coates. There’s a rock sensibility here, but elements of funk and blues give it an exciting fresh flavour. It’s one of those tracks you put on and you want to hear again as soon as it’s over.” - Sounds of Oz