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The Pumps

The Pumps

Performance Times

Noon, Saturday

2pm, Saturday
Surf Club


Since the ceasing of regular performances by the Wheeze & Suck Band in 2016, Ian has put together ‘The Pumps’ to perform his original songs and tunes, alongside original readings of traditional material from the UK and the USA; carrying on and expanding upon the Wheezers’ mission.

The line-up comprises ‘The Pump’, plus former Wheezers Johnny Red Tips and Nigel ‘Muddy’ Walters The Pump has released six albums with the Wheeze & Suck Band, and has two Pump solo albums available at gigs and online. The most recent Pump album is ‘Waterside’, recorded with Marcus Holden and The Shack’s Rhonda Mawer.

Visit his web site.