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The Trippy Hippy Band

The Trippy Hippy Band

Performance Times

5pm, Saturday
Surf Club

7pm, Saturday


Like a VW Combi van with The Mamas & The Papas, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and a groovy AM radio, Joe & Harmony’s Trippy Hippy Band takes off at a cool pace with one hand firmly on the politics of revolutionary songs from the 1960s and a third eye on the cosmic gospel of peace and love. Visit their web site.


"The Trippy Hippy Band have all the ingredients that, in my humble opinion, are necessary in order to stand out from the endless cabaret competition out there . . . great playing, vocals, killer harmonies & most of all solid song choice - especially witty banter, too. A really strong tribute to the era of peace & love that I hope gets the attention it truly deserve." - John Platania (guitarist for Van Morrison)