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Tyke Talty

Tyke Talty

Performance Times

5pm, Sunday
Tantric Turtle


Tyke Talty started playing electric guitar in a wedding band in his late teens, in the late 70's, influenced by that decade's rock music (LED ZEPPLIN, PINK FLOYD, DEEP PURPLE, Status Quo).

In the year John Lennon died, (1980), Tyke was co-founder of an originals band , DOGS & DICE that also covered Chuck Berry, Beatles, Dragon, Eddie Money, Led Zep, Status Quo.

In 1986, while playing in a blues band he helped form called 'United Rhythms' that covered The Animals, Cream, Doors, PIL, Talking Heads, Matt Finish, he released his 1st solo album titled BOYS NEXT DOOR.

In 1992 he released his 2nd album titled DOGS & DICE from which one song is chosen through a competition to go on the “ON THE STREET” compilation C.D. which was released through Possum Records in 1992.