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Cameron Jones Trio

Cameron Jones Trio
Performance Times

4pm, Sunday

6pm, Sunday


Cameron Jones is a gypsy swing guitarist, composer, festival director and educator. Harnessing the spontaneous vibrancy of authentic manouche jazz, he plays expressive melodies and percussive rhythmsWith his on his Selmer-style guitar, he harnesses the vibrancy of authentic manouche jazz. He uses percussive guitar rhythms to complement bright, expressive melodies.

A manouche jazz storyteller.

Five annual pilgrimages to across Europe saw, Jones returning to the source of the genre music. There, he to traced the footsteps of jazz legend Django Reinhardt. It earned him the finest training any manouche guitarist could hope for: the mentorship of from the late Reinhardt’s family and friends. 

The result is Jones now brings this a rare depth of authenticity to that Jones brings to his repertoire here in Australia. , prefacing He introduces songs selections with stories tales from the of original time and place. In the true spirit of gypsy jazz, there is nothing repetitive about Jones’ performances is repetitive. Audiences listen in anticipation as He follows each piece in the moment, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.. It’s dangerously spontaneous.

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"I am most impressed with his understanding and execution of the Gypsy Swing style." - Hank B Marvin (Lead guitarist for The Shadows)