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Performance Times

12pm, Sunday
Free Stage

2pm, Sunday


Goldfynch is a true musical marriage, highlighting husband and wife team Gavin and Niyati Libotte who share their mutual love of music, the individual life and collective experience, through the artform of songwriting. These complementary Artists - who hail from opposite sides of the globe- bring together emotionally resonant lyrics with inspired musical composition to craft songs that are like Nature's children - innocent, full of potential, ready to dance, soar and take flight. The result is arresting, drawing audiences into the heart of a story in which they are the protagonist and freedom to feel the key.

Goldfynch performs a unique confluence of styles that include alt pop, jazz, folk, soul, Latin and World music, with flavours from France, Brazil and India too - a wonderful fusion, just like it’s members. The Trio also features the incredibly talented Byron Marks on keys and kit. Gavin has been quietly picking up accolades with silver medals in the Global Music Awards and International Songwriting Competitions for his compositions over the past 5 years, which inspired Contessa to craft a debut vocal album. Due for release in April 2020, it also includes contributions from brilliant local Artists such as Aria-award winning Bass player Jonathan Zwartz, James Hauptmann on percussion, Tom Avgenicos on trumpet, and Bill Risbey on piano.

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“Really beautiful amazing music!" - Nick Terry (Eastside Radio Drive)